Emma Hawksworth

In the space of only four years since joining her first technology role, Emma has successfully delivered solutions that transform the way organisations operate, and today leads the Business Intelligence division of Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL).

Since joining my first analytics and technology role only four years ago, I quickly acquired a wealth of expertise and combined this with my commercial awareness to successfully develop and deliver solutions, transforming the way organisations operate and make decisions. This has led to countless achievements despite the short period of time I have been in the field.

I currently lead the Business Intelligence division of Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL), a certified ANSP, delivering air traffic control and engineering services at some of the world’s busiest and most complex airports. I joined ANSL and established this division two years ago to centralise and improve the use of data, and I have grown my remit to lead a team of experts who partner with all areas of the business to drive new solutions and innovations, with technology at the centre, delivering results to both internal and external customers.

Having graduated in 2014 with a first-class BSc (Hons) Finance & Investment degree I tried a few different roles and industries; private banking, recruitment and then aviation. It was here that I stumbled into my first analytics role, and at a time when AJW Group were really pushing the use of data and analytics. This was a great springboard for me to grow and develop my experience and capability across the organisation.

This lay a great foundation for when I joined ANSL. I find it hugely rewarding to be able to deliver such value to ANSL and our customers, and we are on the precipice of delivering truly exciting innovations that will transform the way air traffic is managed, based on solutions that my team and I design and deliver.