Emma Lindley

Over a career of 16 years Emma has been instrumental in shaping the UK digital identity industry.

She has held various roles, most recently as Head of Identity and Risk at Visa, previous board level roles at Confyrm, Innovate Identity and The Open Identity Exchange. Her work in the digital identity industry goes as far back as 2003 when she was working for GB Group PLC, where she took a leading part in the founding team developing their identity verification service URU (now known as ID3 Global), it was here (in 2005) that Emma worked alongside the DCMS helping them shape how they could implement age verification for the online gambling sector using technology, and significantly reduce the risk of harm coming to minors through exposure to online gambling.

Emma has led product, professional implementation services, sales and strategy teams in the identity industry, her persistent focus has been to ensure that systems built for identity are developed with humans in mind and that privacy and ethical boundaries were respected.

Currently Emma is an advisor and author on digital identity, and is also co-founder of Women in Identity a not for profit organisation focused on developing talent and diversity in the identity industry. Women In Identity aims to improve the diversity ratio in the identity industry through research, grassroots talent development, internships and network support of women, BAME, LGBTQ and other communities in the identity industry. This is in order to improve reduce potential bias and improve digital inclusion with identity products. Emma’s role with Women In Identity is voluntary.

The Women In Identity vision is that digital identity products developed for everyone, should be developed by everyone.