Emma Miles

I spent my early career working in technology in many different industries: Internet Service Provider; Motor Finance; Telecomms; Medical (Radiotherapy); Insurance; and Gaming before finding Financial Services.

I gained my degree in Information Technology and Computing from the Open University whilst working full-time and once I finished I decided that I needed to give back and became an “associate lecturer” for the Open University teaching the University’s first year degree level computing courses. I taught these courses for 4 years along time my full-time positions and found it extremely rewarding.

I joined Barclays in 2010 to build out the Investment Banking Technology for Absa / Barclays Africa. I led the teams on the creation of the ecommerce silo including DMZ within Barclays Africa allowing Client Connectivity into the bank for electronic trading; the creation of an FX internaliser; structured product price creator and trade solution; low latency equities trading platform; the co-location with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange; and the move of Absa FX back office, risk and position keeping solution.

In 2016, with the divestment of Barclays Africa I moved to Barclays Corporate where I was responsible for the Resiliency Programme for Corporate Client Treasury Services. When I returned from my second maternity leave in 2017 I requested to join the European Referendum Response Programme and led the teams responsible for the Client Switchover for the Investment Bank and now that this has been successfully delivered I have joined the Liquidity Portal Programme to lead the build out of this Material Growth Initiative for the Corporate Bank.

I also co-chair the Recruit and Retain committee for Win: the gender network for Barclays. I lead a working group aimed at supporting women leaving for and returning from maternity leave, including workshops, special events and support groups. These initiatives have seen hundreds of female colleagues receive support which would be otherwise unavailable, helping them navigate a crucial period of their personal lives and careers.