I fell into the world of technology. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was in school. I choose the arty subjects in school like art and music, but I also loved maths. A friend suggested engineering. I had the bare minimum requirements for my degree, and knew very little about it before I joined but thought it sounded interesting.

I completed my undergraduate and masters degrees in Computer and Electronic Engineering (originally going down the mechanical engineering route) from Trinity College Dublin. Initially it was hard work getting up to speed with my peers, with no physics or technical subjects background but I thoroughly enjoyed my course and highly recommend an engineering route.

I then moved to the UK to join the O2 graduate scheme. The scheme is roughly 2 years long where the individuals’ focus on their professional development as well as getting relevant on the job experience. I had several roles which ranged from highly technical engineering tasks to other where it was project, stakeholder or budget management. All of which were unique and gave me a wide array of experience, a more rounded view of the company and helped me build my invaluable network

On completion of the program I was offered a role within the Radio Modelling team. The scope of my role has grown over the last 2 years but currently I lead a small team in developing sophisticated network models to evaluate future network technologies and support wider business decisions.