In a virtual gathering that transcended geographical boundaries, One Tech World 2024, hosted by WeAreTechWomen, marked a milestone in the journey towards gender equality in the tech industry.

Held on 25 April 2024, on the innovative VFairs platform, the event attracted 3,000 attendees, 130 speakers, and offered 90 sessions, ensuring an enriching experience for all participants, who could access sessions for up to 30 days post-event.

The primary objective of One Tech World was not only to showcase the future of the tech industry but also to inspire women from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in tech. Inclusivity was at the forefront, reflecting the importance of crafting products and systems that genuinely represent and serve everyone.

Our agenda was meticulously curated based on community feedback, covering three key tracks: Tech Learning, EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion), and Leadership & Personal Development. Renowned speakers from around the world and alumni TechWomen100 Award winners led innovative sessions spanning diverse tech realms. Additionally, career development discussions, fireside chats, and extensive networking opportunities were facilitated through chat rooms, allowing attendees to connect and engage with industry leaders and peers.

One Tech World didn’t just stop at discussions; it provided tangible opportunities for networking and career advancement. Delegates could network with peers, participate in competitions, and explore job opportunities at the job fair featuring the world’s largest companies.

The event’s impact extended far beyond its virtual confines, reaching an astounding 12 million people on social media. While acknowledging that One Tech World alone cannot solve the gender parity challenges in the industry, it served as a catalyst for progress. By immersing attendees in global innovations and disruptions reshaping the tech landscape, the event empowered them to adapt their skill sets and expand their networks for the future.

As the curtains drew on One Tech World 2024, the echoes of empowerment and inspiration reverberated across the tech industry, reaffirming the commitment to a more inclusive and equitable future. While the journey towards gender equality in technology may be ongoing, events like One Tech World serve as beacons of hope, driving momentum and fostering a community dedicated to positive change.

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, this year’s event was free to attend, ensuring accessibility for all.