Esmee Lobley

My career to date could be described as ‘squiggly’.

I studied ballet at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and spent five years working as a dancer. I believe this experience has been fundamental to my progression in tech. I am passionate to promote diversity and inclusivity of thought and background throughout my career.

Upon ‘retiring’ from dance, I experienced first-hand how instrumental women empowering other women could be. I interviewed with a majority female panel and landed my first non-dance related job as an NHS trainee accountant. Having a panel who were openminded and supportive of my background was truly encouraging. In this role I handled large data sets, which led me to be curious to understand how tech and automation could streamline processes. I started to attend General Assembly events (to meet and hear women from tech) as well as being part of the ACCA young professionals network.

I knew that I wanted to work in an environment where technology could create efficiencies and opportunities, as well as one which championed different backgrounds. The opportunity to work at Spaulding Ridge implementing cloud solutions arose and I cross trained on Anaplan and DocuSign. I again found myself mentored by a female manager and have since relished the opportunity to learn more advanced and technical dev to align with a variety of client use cases.

I am now completing Solution Architect and Scrum Master qualifications and strive to encourage creative, contrasting and nonconforming careers to be celebrated.