Eva Slattery

I started my 3rd level education with an Honours degree in Chemistry which is quite a journey form where I am today.

Following my degree, I started a Chemistry PhD but I found that I was enjoying my part time job in an office more where I was creating some simple databases. I made the difficult decision then to switch into the technology area where I was starting to develop much more interest. I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science which was a really tough year basically covering a 3 year degree course in a year. My first job was as a technical trainer for Ericsson Ireland and really has been the foundation of my career to date. I was travelling the world on behalf of Ericsson visiting their clients teaching the technical courses on the Ericsson platforms and this was really where I learned the core of telecommunications as well as customer facing interaction which has stood to me since.

After Ericsson I moved to Vodafone Ireland which started my 11-year career in Vodafone across 3 countries. In Vodafone Ireland I was leading certain workstreams on their core network transformation and this is where I really learned how the platforms work on the ground as opposed to just the textbook side I have been teaching before. After 3.5 years and the completion of the transformation programme I was looking for a new challenge. Vodafone were looking for strong individuals to go on a short 2-month secondment to Vodafone Ghana which turned into another 3.5-year programme for me. This was an amazing experience both professionally and personally. I led the prepaid platform replacement programme there, followed by a switch into IT leading all the architecture and delivery teams for the IT transformation portfolio.

After Vodafone Ghana I moved to Vodafone UK to be part of their large multi-million business transformation programmes. There I led all the customer migrations over 3 years which was a huge complex technical programme with many challenges but a great education for me.

In 2016 I moved from Vodafone to a slightly different industry of Satellite communications to Inmarsat based in London. I was leading the full billing transformation for them to rationalise and simplify the billing estate. In addition to this programme I also took on part way through my time there the Service Delivery programme which was simplifying the order management and provisioning systems for Inmarsat. I am very proud to say we concluded out mission on both these programmes and finished the migrations on my last day in my role at Inmarsat.

I joined Telefonica UK in May 2020 as Head of Transformation Delivery. Here I am leading all of the technical delivery teams across multiple IT and networks disciplines on a large multi-million poin programme. I am really enjoying the new role and albeit challenging lots of more new things to learn!