I have been working in the Technology consulting industry for 20 years starting in the Sales and Marketing department before joining the Consulting workforce.

I have always embraced Technology as a key enabler to achieving better outcomes and positive change.

When studying at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), a business school with a strong expertise in Technology Management and Innovation, back in 2001-2004, YouTube was not created yet that I pitched for TV-on-demand as an innovative and new business opportunity.

Throughout my consulting career, I have helped my clients navigate through the technology trends and apply them to their specific needs or goals, such as improving their customer service, optimising their operations costs or launching a new business.

I have experience of:

  • Large ERP and packaged solutions (eg CRM) implementations
  • Delivering digital transformation programmes and driving adoption of agile ways of working and cloud solutions
  • Bringing customer and user centricity to technology applications for a frictionless experience

Today, I have an aspiration to leverage my technology proficiency to make a difference in two areas that I care most about:

  • Improve wellbeing through preventative health technologies, leveraging AI
  • Enable businesses to operate sustainably to drive consumer behaviour change