Abi Gill, Business Analyst with Everflow Tech

Tech role models featuredI don’t ‘do’ technology. Yes I can set up a computer, and I’m ok when it comes to getting a new phone.

But setting up my first Zoom meeting was fraught with anxiety and confusion (you’ll be pleased to hear, however, that it worked and we had a great quiz).

I’m not a fan of the word ‘dummy’ but in this instance, it’s quite apt. I’m not very techy at all. Yet, I work in tech. Not only that, but I’m great at my job.

After completing a chemistry degree, I joined Everflow Tech knowing it was a business specifically set up to provide technology solutions to the water industry. I knew this was out of my comfort zone and would be a challenge.

I’d always had an analytical mind, I loved maths, but never thought that un-technological little me would find myself supporting customers use of technology every, single, day. But here we are.

As it turns out, I’m quite a vital cog in a much bigger machine – as is every member of the team. I found my feet as a Customer Service and Account Manager, so every day I chatted to people, helping them understand what our technology does and how it aids their understanding of their water usage, bills and efficiency.

Granted, I didn’t develop the technology itself, I’m not a software engineer, but I worked with these people every day and see the amazing skills they bring that ultimately help our customers.

When I started within this job, our Head of Product told me that I’ll “be great at this job even without knowing the detail”. And why? Because our customers don’t know the detail either.

And he was totally right. I’m now working alongside our Product team as a business analyst, working on improving the software and planning for future development. Mainly, that involves gathering and refining user requirements to identify ways to improve the processes within the system, testing features, then analysing and reporting data.

My analytical mind, that is accustomed to understanding complex theories and solving problems, has come into its own to be a bridge between this amazing, ever-evolving technology and the customers who use – and need – it.

So, can you be in tech even if you are a tech ‘dummy’? Absolutely! Never let the word ‘tech’ put you off when looking at future careers or roles because there are so many skills needed within the industry.

As long as you have a passion for knowledge and the personal skills needed to thrive, you can learn to do anything!

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