Ada Lovelace Day Online 2022

11oct8:00 PM10:00 PMAda Lovelace Day Online 2022

Be Inspired, Lecture for Ada Lovelace Day, Eleanor Glanville Centre

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This year’s Ada Lovelace Day will celebrated online, with our STEM cabaret streaming live via Facebook and YouTube. Sign up now to get reminders sent straight to your inbox!

The talks

The science of the human voice, Prof Sophie Scott

Why do we sound the way we do? How did voices evolve, and how do our brains control them? Prof Sophie Scott will explore the neuroscience of our voices.

Poo and power, Prof Priti Parikh

Prof Priti Parikh researches infrastructure solutions in resource-challenged settings. She will talk about gaps in infrastructure and what that means for marginalised communities, with a dash of comedy on the side.

How health tech is revolutionising patient care, Marcia Rankin-Smith

Data- and AI-driven health tech can significantly improve how patients engage with their care, empowering them to better understand their condition and how it can be managed. These new health tech solutions are also changing clinical practice for disease diagnosis and management for conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure, and can help reduce pressures on healthcare providers, eg by facilitating early discharge. So what is this health tech and how does it improve patient outcomes?

A bit more history of the candle, Fran Scott

In her work as a pyrotechnician, Fran has learnt to somewhat read fire (and it her!). In this talk she’ll delve into her favourite fire-based demonstrations which help reveal some of its glorious secrets. She’ll also draw from Michael Faraday’s lecture series, “The Chemical History of a Candle”, which he presented as part of the Royal Institution’s Christmas lectures for young people.

Maths is for everyone! Susan Okereke

Every student should leave school competent and confident in everyday maths but sadly, this is not the case for many students. It has become socially acceptable to say ‘I can’t do maths’ and this attitude is having a negative impact on our children, our economy and society as whole. This talk will highlight the crucial role maths teachers and parents play in improving this situation and in making the world a fairer place. Susan will share some ideas on how to support people (children and adults) to enjoy and feel more confident doing maths but the main aim of this talk is to encourage discussion, ideas, sharing and collaboration.

Energy transition: Sink or Swim? Yasmin Ali

Energy runs the world – heating and cooling homes, moving cars, and powering devices. These incredible technologies make life easier and safer, but they come at a price – greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels change the environment and climate. It is not all doom and gloom, awareness of the problem is on the rise and an energy transition is afoot, but will we sink or swim?

Stay curious, Aphra Le Levier-Bennett

After having the privilege of talking at Ada Lovelace Day Live in 2017 when she was 17 years old and studying her A-levels, Aphra is delighted to return to discuss where STEM has led her now after completing her Physics with Philosophy degree. Although she has taken a different route and now works in the creative industries, STEM helped nurture her curiosity and she hopes to share this message with others.



(Tuesday) 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM



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