AI and the rise of Conversational Interfaces

05oct6:00 PM9:00 PMAI and the rise of Conversational Interfaces

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Discover the power of ChatGPT in this insightful talk, where we unpack the massive shift from traditional, click-based interaction with technology to using our natural language. This isn’t just about a new software tool. It’s the start of a whole new way we interact with tech, and it’s transforming workplaces across the globe.

We’ll dive straight into how ChatGPT works and why it’s such a big deal. We’ll explore prompt engineering – a rapidly growing skill – and break down why it’s becoming so critical in today’s digital world.

By the end, you’ll understand the impact of conversational interfaces, the importance of prompt engineering, and how they’re revolutionising the future of work. So, join us to grasp the future of tech communication – simpler, more intuitive, and all about language.


Nathan Hunter, a two times TEDx speaker, founder of ChatGPT Trainings, and Amazon bestselling author of “The Art of Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT,” is working to shift organizations from a basic ‘try this prompt’ approach to using tools such as ChatGPT, to a more nuanced mastery of prompt engineering. This new skill is vital to the workforce as our technology pivots away from graphical user interfaces to conversational interfaces.

Having lead trainings in over 30 countries over the past decade in both soft and technical skills, Nathan brings a unique and engaging training approach that places the learner experience at the heart of each course.


(Thursday) 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Royal Society Of Chemistry

Piccadilly Burlington House Piccadilly W1J 0BA

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