London Tech Week x Tomorrow’s World 3.0 | JN Bank Brixton (13.06.24)

13jun6:00 pm9:00 pmLondon Tech Week x Tomorrow’s World 3.0 | JN Bank Brixton (13.06.24)

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Panels & Networking | Value Creation & The African Music Landscape | Redefining ownership & direct to fan.

Tomorrow’s World 3.0 – June

Jamaica National Bank – 13.06.24

Tomorrow’s World is a kaleidoscope that shines a light on frontiers where present, past, and future intersect new worlds and possibilities – bringing big tech to the buzzing and cultural creative quarter of Brixton to push for greater diversity, inclusion & access to the music industry & STEM.

Step into the future on ! **Thu Jun 13 2024** at **18:00** at **JN Bank UK** via a deep dive into the exciting world of music, technology, and culture. Our panel of experts will discuss the impact of tech on the growth of Pan-African music and the growth of Dirrect to Fan methods that are empowering artists.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn, network, and be inspired. See you there!

Panel 1: Value Creation & The African Music Landscape

Once again the stat’s are in from the IFPI reports and Africa is again the fastest growing market. For this panel we ask: Is the global boom of African music translating into real value for African creators and industries?

Join us for a critical and solutions-oriented conversation exploring the current state of value creation in the African music landscape. This panel discussion brings together a panel of stakeholders, industry leaders and tech innovators from various roles and genres to tackle the topic.

Panel 2: Run The Cheque: Redefining ownership and direct to fan

The music industry landscape is undergoing a significant shift. Artists are increasingly embracing “direct-to-fan” (D2F) strategies, bypassing traditional intermediaries and fostering deeper connections with their audiences. This panel discussion will delve into the current trends of D2F, exploring its impact on ownership, artist empowerment, and fan engagement. We’ll discuss successful D2F models, challenges faced, and the future of ownership in the music industry.

Who & What?: We host dynamic panel discussions, live music & networking in the form of an event curated by a South London based Black led organisation.

Meet us in Brixton the13th of June for Tomorrow’s World to discover how culture and technology are empowering our industry.

Our aim is to bring together commerce, culture & tech to the melting pot of South London’s buzzing & vibrant creative quarter of Brixton to explore intersections of our industry with a focus on business, current trends & music. Our events aim to stimulate dialogue to find solutions that can bring change and grow networks locally, nationally, and internationally.

Support Network: In a short space of time TW has supported by and has featured speakers from and The Arts Council (ACE England), PRS for Music, PPL, Blockpool, Sogaworld, Daft Springer, Mixcloud, Caya Audio, Biiah, BPI, The MMF, Audiomack, Warner Music, Unity Radio, IFOW, Neurocreate, Indy RIOT, Simkins, Brunel University, IN4 Esports, UKIE, Streamcast, Reactional Music, Syncvault, Ridiculous, Un:Hurd, Barclays, Esports Youth Club, Groover, Popins, Shoobs, Measure of Music, and more.

Call to action: The inaugural edition held during London Tech week in June 2023, was a call to action, raising the agenda for creating an inclusive, & diverse hybrid music-tech hub in South London to provide opportunities & generate urban renewal for Brixton, Lambeth & South London as a whole.

Local Fabric: Once again Tomorrow’s World have chosen venues that are important to the local fabric of Brixton. Our venues are; Jamaica National bank, an international financial institution with a rich history and Ritzy Cinema, a long standing arts organisation and supporter of the local scene in Brixton, are backbones of the community in Brixtion and the perfect settings for the topics to be discussed.

Over the course of our events there will be an opportunity for networking, listening to tech talks and experiencing live music passionate performances.

Tomorrow is calling, Find out what it is saying during London Tech Week. 10th-14th June 2024.

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13/06/2024 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm(GMT+01:00)


JN Bank UK

410 Brixton Road London SW9 7AW

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