Thriving as a Leader in the Chat GPT Era

25jul1:00 PM1:45 PMThriving as a Leader in the Chat GPT Era

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Ensuring effective, ethical, and sustainable utilisation of AI is a pressing concern for leaders today, but moving beyond the hype can be challenging, especially given the conflicting viewpoints on its anticipated impact.

“Thriving as a Leader in the Chat GPT Era” hosted by AllBright Alliance will provide senior leaders with a safe space to discuss and dissect the challenges and opportunities that AI presents in three key areas: people, productivity and profit.

1️⃣ People: how can organisations manage AI’s impact on skills and talent acquisition?

2️⃣ Productivity: is AI the answer to the productivity crisis or just another shiny new tech toy?

3️⃣ Profit: what do businesses need to do to leverage AI responsibly while also driving profitability and growth?

Our thought-provoking panel discussion will be led by:

Christine Foster – Former CCO at Alan Turing Institute, Applied AI Advisor
Peter Cheese – CEO of CIPD

These industry experts will shed light on the transformative impact of AI on businesses, followed by a dynamic group exploration of the themes that emerge. We’ll also address the significant impact AI disruption is predicted to have on women, and why a gendered approach must be adopted to ensure this is a step forwards for women’s careers.

Join in the discussion and together, we’ll discover the challenges and opportunities that AI presents and share actionable ways to support your workforce through this disruption.


(Tuesday) 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

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