Yes, you can nominate as many individuals as you like. Please ensure your nomination meets the requirements for entry. You can see the criteria for entry here.

Our awards are free to enter.

However, if you are selected as one of our winners, you will be invited to a prestigious ceremony, with which there is a ticket cost. You will be able to buy individual tickets from the WeAreTechWomen website, once the winners are announced.

Yes, we would like to encourage all of last year’s entrants to re-enter the awards. However, previous winners will not be recognised again.

Those nominated a number of times are treated in the same way as a single entry. We will use the most comprehensive nomination received in the judging process. Those who receive multiple nominations do not have an advantage over those who only receive a single nomination.

We absolutely encourage nominees to nominate others.

Yes, we encourage self-nominations.

At the moment, our awards are focused on highlighting the achievements of the female pipeline.

However, you can nominate a man for our TechWomen100 Men for Gender Balance award.

Absolutely. Throughout the process we will be encouraging men to nominate their female peers & colleagues.

Nominations for our individual, Champion, Network, Men for Gender Balance and Company will only be accepted for those working in the UK and Northern Ireland.

However, you can nominate an a female individual who works outside of the UK for our Global Award for Achievement category.

No, anyone can nominate you. However, we suggest that it is someone who able to articulate your achievements in detail.

Yes, your company’s involvement does not prevent you from entering the awards. All of our judges are from non sponsoring companies and are asked to declare any known conflicts of interest at the point of judging. We also remove your surname and company detail from our judging packs to ensure each entry is judged fairly and not subjected to any unconscious bias.

We appreciate that some individuals will have line management responsibilities and yet they do not hold senior position within their organisations. If you are running a small team of one or two individuals (e.g. you are a team leader, supervisor or junior manager), you still qualify to enter the awards.

Yes, of course! We recognise that while entrepreneurs and founders may hold a more senior job title, they may just be starting out in their careers.

You can login to your account and make any changes. Errors cannot be rectified once nominations close.

If you are promoted after nominations close and you feel you no longer fit the criteria of TechWomen100, please inform us via [email protected]