The political science community has launched a list of women willing to offer their expertise in conference panels, roundtables and press quotations called Women Also Know Stuff.

The crowdsourced list aims to provide an easily accessible database of female political scientists with expertise in various topics. database-1189982_640 political scientists

The project was created after members of the group were outraged by media reports on politics very rarely citing female experts. A story posted by news site Vox recently said “We asked six political scientists if Bernie Sanders would have a shot in a general election” however, the article failed to ask the opinion of even a single woman or scholar of color.

A review of international relations scholarships revealed that women are consistently cited less often than men. Furthermore, a different study found that male authors are less likely to cite the work of female scholars than female authors.

Event organisers have been known to defend all-male panels by claiming they do not know female experts to include in conferences or debates.

Seeking female political scientists

The Women Also Know Stuff database aims to solve this issue by making female political scientists accessible for such opportunities. It aims to make it easier to find female scholars and their work online.

The group are encouraging female political scientists to register their details on thei database, to ensure women in the community are easily found when recruiting for events, debates or expert comment for an article in the media.

The site was put live less than a week ago, and has already had hundreds of submissions from females within the community and thousands of page views.

If you are a female poltical scientist, or you know someone who should be included on this database, you can submit your information to Women Also Know Stuff using this GoogleForm.