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Article provided by Andrea Oliver Garcia is the CEO and co-founder of Emjoy

Sex is difficult to speak about for many people. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

During my young adult years, I was quite disconnected from my own sexual desires and needs and struggled to articulate what I wanted, because I wasn’t sure myself what that was. I started talking with my girlfriends about this and realised that I wasn’t the only one – on the contrary, the confusion I had experienced when it came to my sexual desires as a woman was far more common than I had thought.

In 2018 I started doing research on the topic of female sexuality and I came across several studies that analysed the pleasure gap. These consistently showed that women often experience less pleasure than their male counterparts during sex. To my surprise, there wasn’t a digital solution available on the market addressing sexual wellbeing from a habit-building perspective, like those for meditation, fitness or mental health. This is how in 2019 I decided to start this journey and how Emjoy, our audio-based sexual wellbeing app, came to fruition. It was developed with the goal of raising women’s confidence by bringing awareness to their sexuality, empowering them to build an understanding of their sexual needs and desires.

Having worked previously as a VC I was aware that the Femtech market was booming, that Emjoy’s market potential was huge, and that we could have a massive impact on women’s lives. To our surprise (maybe we were too naive), we realised that Emjoy sat outside of the boundaries of comfort for some investors. Some investors didn’t and still don’t understand the problem and others consider us “pornographic”.  Whilst I don’t believe that men are averse to investing in femtech companies; in fact, the coining of the term in 2016 allowed many female-focused brands to break through, I do believe that when an app is designed for a woman, it is always beneficial to have someone at the table saying “I would use this” or “I know someone that would benefit from this”.

Having said this, we have also interacted with many investors that are strongly aligned with our mission to close the pleasure gap and build an accessible way for women to be in touch with their intimate wellbeing.

We launched worldwide in early 2020 and have now grown to more than 95,000 users. Whilst masturbation is still seen as taboo in many parts of the world – just this year Glamour magazine found that 83 pr cent of women believe that there is still a stigma around female desire – our rapid growth shows that there is a clear need and demand for a fun, comfortable space for women to explore and experiment with their sexuality. As self-pleasure becomes more normalised, we will talk about it more – with our friends and with our partners. I’m excited that Emjoy is playing a part in making this much-needed change happen.

It is my belief that in the next five years, taboos around sexual wellness innovation will be broken down, and investment in this space will be seen as equally important as that which we continue to see in the fitness and mental health arena. As the industry continues to grow, develop, and garner increasing financial backing, entrepreneurs who are excited about catering to the unmet needs of women’s health will feel more inspired to innovate and develop solutions that empower women to take control of their health and wellbeing at every stage of their life. My hope is that apps like Emjoy will spark a revolution among women and help to close the gendered orgasm gap for good, because once you start feeling good with your body, why would you stop?

Andrea Oliver GarciaAbout the author

Andrea Oliver Garcia is the CEO and co-founder of Emjoy, the sexual wellbeing audio app enabling women to explore their bodies, learn about their sexuality and to arouse their minds.

Andrea has more than five years of experience working as an investor with Venture Capital firms including Dawn Capital, early investors in iZettle, and Nauta Capital. She holds a BBA from ESADE Business School in Spain.

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