Fiona Loftus

My Technology career began in 1999 as a multi-platform Oracle and Informix Database Administrator Modern Apprentice. I spent the next 12 years gaining a deep understanding of end to end enterprise system design, a leading hand in complex implementations and the ever developing features of a constantly evolving technology landscape. I also manged to squeeze in obtaining a 1st Class B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Information Systems. I have been at the heart of creating, supporting and improving a number of key government systems and critical business events.

As I naturally began to view technology from a strategic viewpoint my career progressed to that of a Solution Architect. This has seen me take on a wide variety of roles including responsibility for re-platforming a multi-component key system responsible for Self-Assessment tax collection, introducing inter-data centre WAN optimization infrastructure and the decommissioning and consolidation of IT systems within several data centres.

Over my career I have been involved in a wide range of technologies including Oracle RDBMS versions 7 through to 12c, PL/SQL, SQL, WebLogic, Informix IDS, SAS Enterprise product suite, Bae NetReveal & Visualiser, Cloudera Hadoop, Pentaho, Flume, AWS…the list is always evolving.

Currently I am situated within the Data & Analytics Tower as the lead of a security related programme of work, ensuring that the sensitive data owned by my client is only utilised for its intended purposes. This role requires me to work closely with varying stakeholders and lead a diverse team of engineers from multiple suppliers to deliver a system suitable for the complex use case at hand.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my career to date and take great pride that I work in the ever changing, ever challenging and ever rewarding tech industry.