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Women have been entering the technology field more than ever before, and while there’s still room for improvement, never in the history of tech have so many companies been led by women. 

In this post we will look at five Biohealth companies led by women – changing the paradigm for both health and leadership along the way.


Founder: Maya Zlatanova

With over 15 years of global experience in the biotech sector, Maya Zlatanova is on a mission to transform the way patients access research and trial information.  Maya is the founder and CEO of FindMeCure, a biotech company looking to transform the way people access clinical trials.

No stranger to the clinical research industry and how daunting it can be for patients, it was only after personal experience trying to find a clinical trial for her sister that Maya started to think about a solution that would help make them more accessible for the average person.

Known as the Google of clinical trials, FindMeCure not only helps patients access the world of medical innovations, but also assists pharmaceutical companies by putting patients in contact with companies that are looking for just such a match.  Zlatanova is building a global vision to bring future treatments within everyone’s reach.


Cofounder: Flavia Wahl

Dreaming of a world free of stress related diseases, former Google employee Flavia Wahl co-founded iBreve to focus on improving stress resilience.  iBreve is a wearable tech device that analyzes respiratory patterns in real time to provide you with smart feedback before stress rises by focusing on prevention and healthy living.   Specifically designed for women, iBreve’s aim is to provide insightful knowledge about your breathing so you can manage stress and activity levels proactively.

An innovator in the world of wearable tech, the idea for iBreve’s solution emerged after Wahl spent time with her co-creator in Rishikesh, India – the yoga capital of the world.  Inspired by this experience, they set to work on marrying ancient breathing knowledge with wearable sensor technology.

Wahl and her team at iBreve are at the forefront of women’s tech innovations and iBreve is a champion for women’s health and a great example of a female-led BioHealth company.


Cofounder: Adriana C Vázquez Ortiz

With a firm belief that moms deserve more – in both products and support –  Adriana C Vázquez took her passion for technology and smart objects to the next level by co-founding biohealth company Lilu.

Drawing on her background in product & experience design, Adriana, along with her co-founder Sujay Kumar, have built a biohealth company that truly aims to support women through building technology for new moms.

Lilu was created to empower moms during breastfeeding by designing a hands-free pumping bra with a built-in massager.  Built on input from real moms, Lilu aims to build technology that makes pumping more comfortable and efficient, leading the way in technology that not only helps women with a specific need, but also helps them thrive.


Cofounder: Elli Kaplan

Forged in the fires of Silicon Valley, Neurotrack is a digital health startup aiming to transform the diagnosis and prevention of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.   Centered on the idea of early detection to prevent cognitive decline, Neurotrack develops digital cognitive health solutions that enable convenient and remote cognitive testing – available to anyone.

Led by co-founder and CEO Elli Kaplan, Neurotrack combines research and science to develop assessments for early prevention, and tools to enhance digital cognitive health.  Kaplan combines her passion for positive social change through technology with a powerful background in leadership and global finance to head the company.  With a firm belief in early diagnosis and prevention, assessment tools like Neurotrack are a game changer in support and intervention for cognitive decline.

Syrona Health

Founders: Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell

Syrona founders Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell discovered a need for innovation in women’s health while conducting research during their Masters in Bioscience at Cambridge University.  The result was Syrona Health, a digital platform designed to support (and normalize) a woman’s healthcare journey.

Spurred by a personal conversation after class, and well-versed in women’s under-representation in clinical trials, the team at Syrona Health focused on creating tools and support that was not only for women, but designed by women.

With that in mind, Syrona aims to put women in the driver’s seat of their own gynaecological health and change the women’s health paradigm in the process.

Sylvia KangAbout the author

Sylvia Kang is the co-founder and CEO of Mira, the first FDA and CE registered comprehensive platform for monitoring women’s health. Mira tracks cycles, predicts ovulation and monitors fetal health with 99 per cent accuracy.

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