I find designing digital products a wonderful mix of business, science and creativity. As a design consultant I not only get to create products that improve customer experience, but also help businesses improve and streamline their whole operation. My mother has always been an independent Lady who did not shy away from male dominated industries like the tech industry. She did an architecture degree, and was building websites in the early 2000s. With her encouragement, I would often help make websites for local businesses, and even my own website whilst trying to raise funds to continue ski racing for GB. Thankfully, my skills have improved since that first site.

Following an Engineering Degree in Bristol, I spent 3 years at Accenture Digital. Here I had exposure to every area of delivering digital products that I could think of. From being in the office at 3am to manage a global database upgrade, to fast paced concept design projects and detailed testing of user interfaces. I had the amazing opportunity to learn the art of business, management, emerging technologies and the foundations of UX from some of the best in the industry

In 2017 I joined SPARCK, as the 7th member of an exciting and fast growing Strategic Design Consultancy. As well as continuing the client delivery work, my focus has been on growing the business, promoting the role of women in technology (I’m still regularly the only lady in the room) and pastoral care amongst our young, enthusiastic and vibrant team. Whilst my passion will always be in design, my focus is also turning more and more to managing the whole lifecycle of product development, from initial problem statement to launch.