Female inventor

The world of tech and robotics can seem intimidating, especially for those without a traditional technical background.

But my journey, full of unexpected twists and turns, proves that passion, curiosity, and a willingness to learn can open doors even in the most cutting-edge fields.

How It All Started

My journey into the fast-paced world of tech and robotics wasn’t what I initially envisioned. Fifteen years ago, I left Romania for the UK to pursue a degree in Creative Industries and Public Relations. Little did I know that this path would lead me far beyond the world of communications and into the heart of a leading robotics company.

It all began during a casual summer barbecue with my housemates, who are now my co-founders. To make sure our house was safe while we were away, we came up with the idea for an autonomous mobile robot mounted with a camera. This simple idea instilled the change in my career to focus on robotics and what we today call Dexory, and with it, my career took an unexpected turn.

The persisting gender gap in this space, particularly in robotics, motivates me to inspire and empower women to explore their potential within these fields.

Building a Strong Foundation

While my initial professional experience wasn’t directly in the tech sector, it laid the groundwork for the future. Working in a commercial role for a leading UK telecommunications company equipped me with valuable skills in customer retention and engagement. This experience taught me the importance of connecting with people and understanding their needs – a skill that came in handy in the future.

My next move took me to Google where I managed partnerships across the EMEA region, specifically within the retail sector – an industry that Dexory would eventually serve. This diverse professional background, seemingly unrelated to robotics at the time, provided me with a unique perspective and a wealth of transferable knowledge.

Growing Dexory

Co-founding Dexory wasn’t just about creating a groundbreaking company; it was about channeling my long-held passion for innovation and making a real impact. It enabled me to leverage the diverse experiences I had gathered to build something truly meaningful.

Witnessing Dexory’s growth has been incredibly rewarding. Growing from a small team of just 30 people to a team of over 100 people is a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion we’ve poured into our vision. Securing a significant Series A funding round of $19 million and developing strategic partnerships with industry giants like Maersk, ID Logistics, and Iron Mountain further strengthened our position in the industry. Most recently, our expansion into the US market underscores our commitment to continuous growth and our unwavering ambition to push Dexory to the forefront of the global robotics landscape.

Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM

As artificial intelligence becomes more widely used, and integrated more in our daily lives, I remain a strong advocate for inclusivity and diverse perspectives within STEM fields. The persisting gender gap in this space, particularly in robotics, motivates me to inspire and empower women to explore their potential within these fields. My story serves as a reminder that the path to success rarely follows a straight line, and often, the most rewarding journeys are the ones that take us to unexpected destinations.

About the Author

Oana JingaOana Jinga is the Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of Dexory. Under her leadership, Dexory raised an impressive $19 million in a Series A funding round led by European VC Atomico, establishing key partnerships with logistics giants like Maersk and DB Schenker. Oana’s recent achievements include winning the ‘Tech Innovator’ Award at the Everywoman in Transport and Logistics event. She recently spoke at the State of Gender Diversity in European Venture initiative by Female Foundry and featured in a panel alongside influential women in tech, such as Business Insider’s Tech Editor Shona Ghosh. Dexory’s growth, from 30 to over 100 team members in 2023, highlights the company’s thriving trajectory under Oana’s leadership.