Everything that I have accomplished has been a result of winning the biggest fight of my life, which was cancer.

My list of achievements are in my bio, but basically the thing that propels me every single day is that I really need to make every day count.

Fighting cancer brought everything into stark realisation, that we won’t live forever. Whilst I’m here I need to make an impact. There’s no point just living to make money, then dying and nobody remembers what you did, you’ve left no legacy behind for the next generation, you didn’t make the world any better than how you found it. I didn’t want that to be my story, so I decided to be a changemaker.

The biggest change I’m creating right now is in Jamaica, where I have the ability to transform a whole nation, that is bouncing from drought to flood and back to drought again. I have developed a “Sustainable Water Ecosystem,” which can basically provide water every single day, 24/7, out of thin air, and it’s powered by the sun.

About the speaker

Dr Pearl Jarrett, CEO, The Jarrett Foundation & Veranda Connect Ltd

Dr Pearl Jarrett is a multi-award winning disruptive changemaker and Founder & CEO of The Jarrett Foundation and Veranda Connect Ltd. In 2005 Dr Jarrett was diagnosed with cancer. After winning the fight of her life, she decided that as she had been given a second chance, this was her opportunity to change the world. Today, she works at the highest level of government both in the UK and Jamaica. In Jamaica the foundation delivered half a million pounds worth of furniture and new school resources to 136 schools.

In 2021 The Jarrett Foundation decided to help Jamaica fight COVID-19, by shipping a donation of two million face masks worth £620k and distributed them free of charge.

In the UK, Dr Jarrett runs a youth mentoring programme for disadvantaged youth.

She’s currently driving a London wide Reducing Knife Crime school programme in association with New Scotland Yard and sponsored by Tesco. She recently delivered a masterclass for Upskill Me to over 300 young women in STEM and their mentors from companies such as Google, Meta, Dyson, EY, BP, GE etc.

She’s an Entrepreneur, Doctor, Actor, Singer, Public Speaker for conferences and podcasts, Musical Theatre Producer, Playwright, and Mentor – AKA “Aunty Pearl” to numerous young people with budding entrepreneurial ideas – and she is a  former  adviser  to  No 10 Downing Street. She’s the Founder of Veranda Connect Ltd a start-up where she developed the Sustainable Water Ecosystem, producing free water from the air, powered by the sun, to industries and communities in Jamaica.