Gabriela Adamcyzk

I graduated in 2018 from The University of Manchester with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, however my interest in science and technology goes as far back as I can remember, because I was always curious of how things work and enjoyed hands-on activities.

As soon as I graduated, I started my first professional job as a Process Improvement Engineer, this role involved proactive processes development, improvement, analysis and modelling, technical support of optical-mechanical products (process robustness, product cost reduction, cost of quality reduction) as well as investigation of process problems and root-cause analysis, with the implementation of corrective actions. This gave me huge insight into industry, and invaluable experience as a newly graduated engineer, however I felt like that was not the direction I wanted to go in, as the engineering design was something I was always more passionate about.

This led me to further search, and eventually, with a bit of good luck, trust and help from others, I started working at Sensor City as a Prototyping engineer (November 2019). Initially, as back then I did not have many relevant skills, I was taken in for probation period, however the passion for my new job, the desire to learn, to understand more, and to be truly good at what I was doing, helped me to become a permanent member of the team.

Since starting my journey in this role, I have developed so many skills I had only ever dreamed of, the highlights for me have been: learning programming for developing IoT applications, knowledge and understanding of various additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies and techniques, the ability to use electrical, mechanical, optical, virtual reality, and 3-D printing equipment, greatly improving CAD design skills, and being able to participate in a full design-test-manufacture cycle of a product.