My inclination towards technology was apparent from an early age where, although I was the youngest of five girls, I was the go-to person in the family for all things technological – software and hardware – from phones, laptops and computers, to the various different internet connections we had (problems with Dial-Up, anyone?), TVs and consoles. While completing my undergraduate degree, I worked part time. The money I saved up from my first few paychecks allowed me to buy the parts necessary to build my own gaming computer, and to upgrade the computer my parents were using at home, too.

I started working for a start up tech company as a Content Marketer and Copywriter, as my undergraduate degree came to a close. I then moved to London and continued progressing within tech companies, from Account Manager roles to my current Product Analyst role in Kobas, all while working on and finishing my Master’s in Psychology. These roles have allowed me to progress my product and technology knowledge, including giving me the opportunity to teach myself various different skills (SQL, for example). I’ve since started working towards my PhD in Psychology and aim to use it alongside my acquired tech-related skills within both the tech industry and within the field of psychology.