Gayathri Thiyagarajan

My professional life kicked off when I graduated from one of India’s prestigious educational institutions with a degree in Electronics Engineering. I started as a Java developer for a global technology company in India for 2 years before moving to the UK in 2007. UK Tech experience started with a SaaS company as a lead Java developer for 4 years before I was joined Capgemini.

In Capgemini, I have worked for a number of global organisations in retail, infrastructure and government industries.My responsibility is to help these clients realise their IT strategy through Software developed with very high quality keeping in mind some of the key aspects expected in a software such as scalability, performance and usability.I am responsible for designing by breaking down the problem domain, delivering softwares in an Agile way using a number of cutting edge technologies such as Java, MongoDB, Microservices, Event sourcing etc. As part of my job I work very closely with a number of stakeholders – Business Architects, Business Analysts, Technical Architects, Project & Engagement Mangers etc.

Outside of my project work, I am heavily into in learning new technologies and languages such as Scala, Machine Learning having just completed an online course on Coursera which includes a certificate from prestigious Stanford University. I have contributed to many Open Source projects and I am a key contributor within Capgemini to a lot of innovation projects involving IoT and ChatBots.

Outside work, I am a regular speaker at Devoxx which is an annual technology conference. I have submitted many proposals for talks to conferences around the globe such as Javazone in Norway, Devoxx Belgium and US.

I am one of the key contributor to Capgemini Engineering Blog.

During my professional career, I have received many awards and accolades acknowledging my achievements. This has led to me being part of Capgemini’s Future Leaders Program which I am currently pursuing.

When my daughter was born and I found myself like many other women in a situation where I have to balance work and family life while doing justice to both. 5 years on, I am proud to say that I have managed to do justice to both.