I started my career in the Technology department of the local police force, where I had a 1 year placement as part of my honours degree. I have always been inquisitive with a passion for STEM subjects, but the scope of the placement wasn’t big enough for me – I wanted to learn more and be exposed to large scale, fast paced, business critical problems.

I joined the graduate scheme in JPMorgan Chase & Co. 10 years ago. My initial role as a Java developer had me developing a high profile, time critical trading application. I was providing automated intraday risk and PnL predictions for the Swaps desk at a time of high market volatility during the financial crash in 2008.

After being promoted from the graduate scheme, I decided to learn a different programming language and so moved internally to Python development. I was now performing curve interpolations, risk predictions and hedging options for the Repos desk. It was through this role that I was promoted to senior associate.

After 3 years in this role, I moved into Private Banking. I’m currently the lead developer and architect on a Trade Execution platform for private investors, utilizing technologies such as Java, Kafka and Cassandra. I’ve been working on several high profile, legislative projects. I was recently named a JPMorgan Expert Engineer, only the second female from our location to receive this status, as well as being promoted to Vice President.