If you need to grow the best an agile development team, call Gel Goldsby.

Gel’s interest in computers was sparked when her dad brought home a very early computer when she was a child. A curious Gel spent hours copying code from programming magazines to see what would happen, and it was soon clear that a career in technology beckoned.

Kicking off her career at Nortel, Gel’s talents and skills found a home at Virgin Net, where she built a complete winter holidays platform. Her next role was at Kizoom where she worked on the first generation of TFL and National Rail apps for web and mobile, back in the pre-smartphone era when each phone required different code!

Gel is an evangelist for the agile and XP mindset, believing that it creates a much more nurturing and collaborative environment. It was in her search for a company which shared these values which led her to Unruly.

Today, Gel leads a team of agile coaches to help Unruly’s Product Development department learn and improve to deliver the best software possible in a lean and agile way. Gel’s mission is to help rid the world of the rude and annoying ad formats that everyone loves to hate.

Away from work, Gel enjoys reading, yoga and anything that involves playing with power tools and chainsaws.