I came to Technology and Cyber Security via circuitous route, starting with foreign languages and risk management.

I learned risk on the job at Control Risks consulting across risk domains in various countries and languages. I later becoming risk certified and, as Cyber threats gained more prominence, Cyber risk was an exciting and natural next step and challenge. I left Control Risks to work at Deloitte consulting on Cyber Risk and Technology topics in the UK and France for clients across financial services, pharma, utilities, etc. I then joined BNP Paribas as a Cyber Risk project manager, overseeing topics intersecting cyber threats with technology and advising on cyber threats to organisations, projects and growth strategies. I’ve always been passionate about innovation and technology. I believe a cyber aware and tech savvy workforce is an agile workforce, ready to embrace new opportunities and assume associated challenges. At all stages in my career I have been passionate about the involvement of women in male dominated industries, starting with risk and then moving to Cyber and Technology where, although advancements are being made, we still need a more vocal and integrated female presence. As somebody who has not come from a traditional technological background (I have a music degree), I am proof that it is possible to upskill and reskill. I’m a strong advocate of programmes that help women (and others!) gain the confidence and skills to move into technology.