Gemma Young

I have worked in the FinTech industry for 17 years. I started in recruitment for IT Banking and then quickly moved into Business Development.

I help companies to expand into new regions and grow, through strategic business development plans and marketing campaigns.
I am a diversity and inclusion pioneer in the FinTech industry.

Why? I am also the mum of four young children and have seen first hand, the struggle as a young woman in a male dominated industry, a woman looking for a job when newly married and seen as a ticking time bomb about to have a child / take maternity leave, a woman returning to work after a career break (motherhood) and as a woman wanting to work flexi-hours instead of taking maternity leave.

I am passionate about making the work place inclusive for everyone. Some of the best things I have been taught in my career, have been from people who may not have had a voice at other companies. I truly believe that asking, and more importantly listening, to EVERYONE in your company and valuing their opinions, is how disruption and innovation are so successfully shaking up the industry.