Genny started her career as an Indirect Tax specialist and rapidly rose to Associate Director at Deloitte.

However, she wanted to be more mentally challenged in her day to day role and secured a secondment into Deloitte’s Tax Technology team as a developer. With no experience in the field, Genny started the long journey to becoming an exceptional developer through a combination of self study, formal courses and on the job training.

Now, she is the Lead Developer on Deloitte’s new solution for valuing intangible assets, supporting the growth of juniors in her team. She is also the team’s lead on early talent programs. This role has allowed Genny to show her true leadership qualities as she has designed new programmes for both our Summer Student and Graduate joiners from pair programming through to bowling! She acts as mentor and coach to all of the juniors and has transformed the early years experience in Tax Technology.

Genny is very aware of the journey she has decided to undertake and shares her experiences, not only with her own team as part of the Women In Tax Ventures network, but also through blogging about what she has learnt and how she has put that into practice. Through her blog she has built her own network, as well as the profile of Deloitte Tax Technology and has encouraged others to similar engage and share their stories.

Genny is a role model within the team and a fantastic success story for continually challenging yourself to take on new challenges and never accept ‘good enough’.