Founders4Schools was created out of the Silicon Valley Comes to the UK initiative in 2011 and became an independent UK charity in 2015.

As a Gov-Tech charity operating in the educational sector, Founders4Schools is dedicated to improving the life chances and employability of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by connecting them to leaders of successful, growing businesses across corporate, creative and social enterprise parts of the job market.

We continue to collaborate with educators, partners, parents, business leaders and students to enhance our proprietary online platform. We have integrated additional information sources and AI technologies to make recommendations to educators, so they can arrange Student-Employer Encounters (SEEs) based on their preferred criteria in just minutes.

Educators who subscribe to our services can now arrange over twenty different types of SEEs, and our personalised guidance builds upon research commissioned by our Partners including the Royal Society, The Careers & Enterprise Company and other stakeholders who make this possible.

These activities increase youth employability, improve social mobility and help close the skills-gap that is a major obstacle to economic growth. In those areas where we can’t help, we signpost our subscribers to leading partners where the evidence base supports an endorsement (and if recommended by our Advisory Council).

Our success has allowed us to work with thousands of teachers, schools and businesses to broker connections, each of which has the potential to change the course of a life. These SEEs inspire young people by helping them understand what skills are needed to improve their employability and are particularly important for the more marginalised young people who lack access to professional role models in their immediate environment.