Gillian Armour

I’ve been working in the IT industry for close to 20 years. I that time I’ve led the delivery of projects and programs across a range of industries: Telecoms, Fitness, Retail and for the past 8 years Insurance.

Every time I’ve switched industry, I’ve had to learn new business domains and terminology. That’s definitely the part of my job that I love most – the continual learning. Although I’m in a leadership role, I try to find opportunities to keep things real. Whether that’s attending Raspberry PI workshops with my daughter, or teaching myself Python and exploring the AWS offerings by building my own Alexa skills.

In my current role at Liberty IT, I’m leading a team of engineers as they transform from SysAdmin to Development roles. This has been a multi-year effort starting with a DevOps Academy which was followed up with stretch assignments supported by coaching and mentoring. My role in this has been to make sure there’s a pipeline of challenging and engaging work for the teams to pick up, as well as to provide coaching through this transformation.