I am a Security Advisor at Verizon – my job is to advise our customers on their security posture and oversee the management of their network’s perimeter. I’m a key point of contact for incident management, vulnerability mitigation and device lifecycle management.

My career in cybersecurity started with an Internship at a UN office in Turin. My mentor there, one of Italy’s top cyber-criminologists and a truly remarkable woman, had just launched several projects on information sharing between public and private entities to facilitate breach investigations. She took me under her wing and introduced me to this fascinating world.

I then completed a Masters at the London School of Economics (LSE), focused on Cyberlaw and Data Privacy. While studying, I applied to be the Technology section editor for the university’s newspaper and was selected alongside an American engineer. He encouraged me to develop my technical skills and taught me the foundations of Python. When it came to applying for jobs, I sought out roles that included technical training and successfully secured a place on British Airway’s IT Software Engineering Graduate Programme.

The programme included both classes and hands-on experience working with Java, learning about development lifecycles, core infrastructure and architecture standards. Throughout this time, I proactively engaged with the airline’s information security department, built up my network with the relevant teams and ultimately secured places working on some key security transformation projects relating to SIEM, PCI and IAM.

I’m forever grateful to all those that helped me develop my career in cybersecurity, and I’m proud to work for a company that is forging the future of the field. Verizon is full of top-notch technical talent that inspires me to learn and grow in ways that I’d never dreamed of before.