Girls Talk London connects women with Senior leaders in FTSE 100 businesses & influential individuals to empower them to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in their lives and in the workplace.

We work with global businesses and brands to create live and online experiences for women that include events, masterclasses, seminars and festivals.

Our popular online talk show, Girls Talk, provides a platform for women to discuss trending news and interviews inspiring individuals.

We provide a variety of initiatives to support women in the UK with career development and lifestyle issues.

Step into Industry

Our step into Industry programmes target female students aged 16-18 and provides them with a mentor and work experience in male dominated sectors .


We advertise opportunities and jobs in FTSE 100 businesses on our website to increase the number of women entering male dominated sectors and advancing onto more Senior roles.


We connect businesses and brands with women aged 21-34 to conduct market research on engaging and supporting women within the workplace, life and in society.

Digital Engagement

Our website is a blog that provides editorial content to help women succeed within the workplace and life featuring interviews, advice and opportunities. Our website has on average over 6,000 views per month. Over 431,000 people have watched our online talk show for young women.

Insight Experiences

We partner with businesses to offer female sixth form and university students insight experiences that include evenings, days and weeks to showcase all the opportunities available to them in specific businesses and gives them the chance to meet recruitment teams

Summer Business School 

Every summer we partner with businesses who host our summer business school for millennial women in the workplace who want to develop skills and qualities that will assist them in progressing in the workplace. Our facilitators and experts cover topics such as negotiation, building relationships, managing teams and leadership.

Mentoring programmes

We have designed successful mentoring programmes for businesses that want to create a talent pipe into their business or support the development and progression of female employees.


We deliver events, festivals and masterclasses for millennial women and host these in partnership with FTSE 100 businesses and brands.