The 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) is one of the most comprehensive pieces of research on what drives startup success and ecosystem performance.

The report shows a steep rise in success for startup ecosystems in more countries.

For a decade now, we have warned local leaders against “Silicon Silliness” — namely a strategy based on repli-cating Silicon Valley. For GEN, in order to build stronger ecosystems in more places, we have focused instead on decentralized universality, working with all ecosystems to drive connectedness and enable the sharing of knowledge and networks.

Startup Genome works to enhance startup success and ecosystem performance everywhere.

Our mission and impact are rooted in over a decade of independent research with data on over a million companies across 150 cities. Working side-by-side with more than 300 partner organizations, our frameworks and methodolo- gies have become instrumental in building foundations for startups to grow. Our efforts earned us the Research Champions award at the Global Entre-preneurship Congress 2019.