I am an London-based medical doctor and active research scientist (clinical and non-clinical) with professional degrees in both medicine and pharmacy.

I am the founder and CEO of the non-profit NGO Recycle Health Organisation®, which was inspired by my work as a clinician and growing interest in sustainability, and which seeks to raise awareness of and to petition to the UK government to implement formalised recycling schemes for healthcare-generated plastic waste.

I am a co-founder of R3CYCLED®, which is an enterprise that seeks to utilize single-use plastic waste as 3-D printer feedstock, thereby enabling the printing of sustainable produce from recycled plastic using this highly innovative technology: Indeed, I am an authority on the medical uses of 3-dimensional printing, with multiple peer-reviewed publications to my name on the topic.

I have been approached by the European Space Agency to utilise my research skills and approach to developing Europe’s first formal blueprint for sustainable and stable medicines and devices utilising 3-D printing in aerospace conditions, and which will be rolled out over the coming years through my work with them.