Gunita is an exceptionally accomplished founder, venture capitalist, public speaker and female leader.

Gunita graduated from the University of Oxford as a Sloane Robinson Scholar with an MSc in Economics for Development and from the University of Warwick as a first class honours student with a BSc in Economics. She started her career at Deutsche Bank, and later moved to Atomico, where she currently works on raising funds for the VC firm’s investments in tech startups.

At the age of 23, Gunita launched Showcased, because she believed really strongly in the idea of empowering people, regardless of their background, to accomplish the things that they care strongly about. With absolutely no background in technology, it wasn’t easy for Gunita to get a tech startup off the ground. She had to teach herself the technical skills needed to develop and launch a successful app. Although she faced several obstacles along the way, she relentlessly pursued her passion. Today, she is the CEO & Founder of Showcased, an app that has seen user growth rates of 145% on Android devices alone.

Gunita has delivered a number of inspirational speeches about the journey of launching her own startup and managing this alongside a full time job. At the age of 24, Gunita won two qualifying levels of the International Speech Contest. She was most recently called on to the TEDx stage, where she delivered a talk entitled “How You Make a Difference”. Gunita has also been featured in several articles; been the face of entrepreneurship in the University of Oxford Careers Guide (where she shared advice about how to be an entrepreneur whilst also working in a full-time job); and been selected as a finalist for the Future Leader of the Year category at the Tech Leaders Awards 2017.