Hana Abdi

Hana is the tech lead at 01 Founders an organisation that helps people get into the industry through rigorous training and up-skilling.

Hana is the founder and lifeblood behind HanaCodes. Her own digital agency providing front end, back end and social media management services to a variety of clients whose products she’s passionate about, helping them bring their products and services to market.

Hana is the founder of Bridge the Gap in Tech, she established BTGIT with he sole intention of helping women from under represented backgrounds break into tech via a litany of training opportunities, the aptly named organisation connects people, that normally wouldn’t have had access, to the industry.

Hana is an AWS community builder! She has recently completed a 6 week intro to code for children and young people, a Microsoft initiative, where she sacrificed her weekends to teach youngsters and help them get laptops to continue their development.

During the pandemic Hana galvanised her social media following by hosting coffee mornings on zoom, social sessions for developers and aspiring developers to discuss the state of their industries and how they’ve been impacted by covid as well as providing gleeful distractions from the gloomy days of our 1st, 2nd & 3rd lockdowns.

Hana’s passion is inclusivity within tech, she’s utilised her expertise to teach and support people that want to break into the industrial revolution of our age.

Aside from the many, many, multi-hyphenates Hana is also a mother, a sole parent, she’s staunchly supported mother’s who are trying to get into the industry.

In summary, Hana is incredible, the above is merely a snapshot of what anyone of her days might look like, she works to hard to give herself the credit she deserves so I sincerely hope this nomination is taken into consideration.
Being a Black Muslim Woman, she has faced discrimination at every turn, she wasn’t deterred, being a single mother, she has faced discrimination at every turn, she wasn’t deterred, instead she has trail blazed a path and turn to illuminate the way through the dense maze that is patriarchy.

Hana is supported in all of her endeavours to support women and others from under represented communities.