As a Physics graduate, I have an inherent interest in solving complex problems, while also really enjoying learning languages in my free time. I realised while exploring potential career prospects that one path that combines both of these really creatively is Software Engineering, and jumped at the opportunity to apply for and secure an internship in this field at Goldman Sachs, ultimately loving it and returning as a graduate a year later!

I became fascinated with the technologies involved throughout the lifecycle of a trade, and developed skills in both back end and front end engineering. 5 years later, I’ve grown from a junior analyst to leading a small global team, and try to be a product minded engineer who aims to translate business asks to technical tasks and execute them as well! I haven’t forgotten my passion for Physics and, supported by my wonderful team at work, have just finished the first year of a part-time Masters in Theoretical Physics, planning to learn more about complexity in systems described by networks and their applications.