Hannah is the founder of Seren Kids an organisation geared towards developing children’s skills for a safe and productive digital future. One of her more recent achievements with Seren Kids is being the developer of the UK’s first ever web 3, safety & NFT workshop for primary and secondary schools. This is significant both for ensuring more mainstream adoption of web 3, but also to ensure that as young people start to adopt it, they are doing so after having been informed and able to make good choices, be creative, productive and stay safe.

 Hannah  had to work extremely hard to get to where she is to date having been a young mum at the age of 16, former domestic violence survivor, having been through homelessness, and on to being a single mum going through college, university along side a part time job. Hannah decided she was passionate about working with children to inspire and help mould the next generation. She is particularly passionate about encouraging and building girl’s confidence in STEM. With Seren Kids she teaches children Digital media skills, E-safety, Enterprise, Coding and more!

Hannah has experience in the creator and marketing industry having worked with some of the UK’s biggest creators and media personalities, and the education and childcare sector. This has developed a strong understanding and skill set to spearhead this unique submarket in its very early stages to build digital media, enterprise and Web 3 knowledge and skill courses whilst linking it to the existing school curriculums to build engagement and buy in for students with their education.

As the owner of Seren Kids, Hannah is also responsible for leading the company’s strategic direction, managing all aspects of the business, and ensuring the brand’s continued success. She has developed strong relationships with schools and educators and is dedicated to delivering high-quality services and exceptional customer service, whilst also building Web 3 relationships and Tech relationships to build bridges between education and the Tech industry.

Hannah holds a Bachelor’s of Laws from Surrey University, where she graduated with honors.