Hannah Gooding

In early 2019 I found myself wanting more from my career.

I had studied philosophy at university and then worked in fashion for a several years, but saw there wasn’t a lot of progression or opportunities for me in that sector which became demoralising. I enjoyed logic during my degree, so a friend who also career switched into technology suggested I try learning to code. I took an evening class with Code First Girls and loved it so much I quit my job and set my sights on getting on to the Founders and Coders bootcamp. There I learned the foundations of full stack web development, as well as professional skills like pair programming, code review and agile methodologies.

After graduating from the bootcamp in July 2020 I worked for 2 months on a project with Aplisay, building the frontend for an app that essentially programmes a robot to answer the phone and take orders from customers, and then populates a spreadsheet with the data. Then I started my current role as an Associate Engineer at Lyst in the Product Data team, where I have learned a whole new tech stack to help my team look after our data pipeline and build new microservices. I feel extremely fortunate to have found a job back in the fashion industry, but this time in a flexible role which challenges my brain and has a wealth of opportunities for growth.