My career to date has been extremely varied, especially considering I graduated with a degree in English Literature.

I have had the chance to explore many different roles within technology whilst working at Deloitte for over 5 years.

I started my career in quality assurance, using automation to test a financial services mobile app. After working in a close knit scrum team for a year, I decided I wanted to see what being a platform engineer was like, and I moved into the world of DevOps, AWS and Terraform. Along with the support from my colleagues, I donated my free time to up-skill myself.

I then moved into a dual role of BE Developer in Java as well as DevOps Engineer. I found that writing code for a microservice, and then building the infrastructure myself was very rewarding, and gave me a good insight into what it actually takes to build an app end to end on cloud. I then continued as a Java developer in financial services, before getting the chance to try functional programming with Scala on a magic circle client. Despite spending a couple of years as a BE Dev, I think that the cloud platform space is what I’m really passionate about, so I have stayed there ever since.

I joined a public sector health project as a Cloud Platform Engineer, and then after a year moved into a role as Tech Lead in large team focused on Site Reliability and production performance. Despite the pressure (covid pandemic!) this really was an extremely rewarding role, and our team could truly feel the impact we were having on the public. I am planning on continuing my journey in cloud platform roles as part of the Cloud Native App Development team at Deloitte.

Aside from my project work, I lead the Code First Girls initiative within Deloitte, and to date we have hired 35 women into technical roles, ranging from BE, to FE to platform etc in the last 18 months.