Harriet Lester

My career in the tech industry started in 2011 when I joined Jagex Games Studios as Anti-Cheating Specialist. I was responsible for gathering evidence and compiling legal documents for various online safety centres such as the National Crime Agency. Additionally, I investigated notorious rule breakers to develop processes that would stop them cheating online. At Jagex, I was promoted twice. The first time I was promoted to take on responsibility over the Copyright and Intellectual Property liaison; the second time I was promoted to Security and Investigations Team Lead. In all three roles, I have enjoyed working on wide-reaching projects that needed me to develop, analyse and investigate different tech tools and processes.

My passion for investigative and analytical work finally brought me to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The IWF is the UK Hotline for reporting and removing child sexual abuse imagery online. I started working as an Internet Content Analyst for the IWF in early 2014, removing websites containing child sexual abuse images. Six months later I was offered the job of Technical Research Assistant, working on ground breaking research including Self-Generated content. This study was designed to provide a snapshot of the availability of online self-generated sexual content featuring young people and the extent to which such content, once posted online, is then redistributed via parasite websites.

I am now the technical projects officer and have been lucky enough to have worked on amazing international projects, including the build of online portals and providing a global service, the IWF Hash List, protecting the revictimisation of victims of child sexual abuse and advising stakeholders such as the UK Home Office, National Crime Agency and Association of Caribbean Commisioners of Police on the latest technology which should be being used to combat online child sexual abuse material.