Hayley Creighton

It’s a common joke that those who work in testing “fell” into it and that was most definitely the case for me!

I completed a degree in Biomedical Science and somehow by chance stumbled into testing in another job and never looked back! With not coming from a technical background and only realising that corporate companies existed after University – I knew I would have to skill up and fast to give my career the best chance. So that’s what I did. In the first year of my career, I spent my time learning how Capgemini works, what our unique selling points in testing are and what we offer that’s different to the competition. Alongside that, I studied the best practices on testing, how to work in Waterfall engagements and how to deliver excellence in whatever project I was on.

Fast forward to now and I’m still learning. Whilst I understand the concepts of testing now, the landscape is changing with Agile and Automation methodologies becoming more and more in demand. I gained my Agile Testing qualification a year ago, and it allows me to streamline processes where I can and slot in to Agile teams. This year I’m working towards becoming a Scrum Master, just to add another tool to the belt that will allow me to flex between skills in future. As for Automation, I can be the first to admit coding is not my speciality but I have thrown myself in the deep end learning Eggplant Functional and TOSCA.