Hayley Hinds

As a child I was always interested in technology. Throughout school and college I enjoyed problem solving and computer programming. I learnt a lot of my skills from my Dad, building and fixing computers.

My IT career started at University, as part of my placement year my role was an IT Technician at a Grammar School. I worked alongside a colleague who had travelled the world doing various computing jobs. His experience and knowledge enabled me to gain hands on skills which I could never have achieved from a text book. This was such a valuable experience it enabled me to discover my own leadership style and aspirations.

As part of my University dissertation, my placement inspired me to create an interactive e-learning website for school children. E-learning was not considered mainstream at the time. My website was created to provide an engaging platform to allow children to interact with school from home. My research and unique design was taken to a school in India to trial. Through delivering this piece of work I was able to achieve a First Class Honor’s degree in Computer science.

Following this I started at Capgemini as a Test Analyst. I quickly identified my career progression as a Lead Tester. I wanted to be at the fore front of decision making and leadership.

After establishing myself as a Lead Tester, I then started to look at leadership opportunities while still maintaining my technical skillset. I found that I was about to achieve this in a Scrum Master role. I love being able to use my technical abilities to help lead and facilitate a team, whilst still being able to advise and mentor on technical aspects of the role.