I grew up with technology, my Dad worked as an engineer for a telecommunications company, although in my mind that translated to – he sold phones- which really wasn’t the case, but was easy to tell friends. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would end up in tech. I studied my degree in Conservation and Restoration of Historical Artefacts and set up my own little studio to put my new learnt skills into practice. But that was height of 2009 and no one was buying antiques let alone paying to restore them. I diversified into Marketing which I soon realised played on all my strengths and loves, working with people, arranging events, being creative and storytelling. I cemented in my craft of Marketing and hopped across different industries from education to advertising. It was only after some big life changes I found myself applying for a role in technology in 2016, and I have never looked back. It has been a whirlwind of learning and creativity. I am slightly obsessed with seeing how technology impacts every waking moment of our lives and getting to work within the industry to craft campaigns around new technology advances, addressing business challenges from sustainability to skill gaps and building communities is just fantastic. I work closely with our technology directors, solution architects, partners, vendors and engineers to understand how technology can transform and then create messages to go to market to make this accessible for all. A large part of my role is taking something that is very technical and detailed and abstracting the value in a story so that it can be understood by all. This has built my technology knowledge from 0 to now being able to hold my own for a while in technical conversations, and i only want to improve and develop more. Since working at Natilik I have undertaken my Masters Degree in Marketing and Leadership as I look to develop and push myself to be able to deliver better outcomes for Natilik and the industry. Learning more about technology I wish it had been discussed as a career path for me growing up, instead my high school gave me the options of teacher, dental hygienist (not even full on dentist) or administrator when i did the careers test. I wish data scientist, programmer, infrastructure architect were in the mix as options. Because of this I strive to dedicate my time also to raising awareness of opportunities in tech to the next generation, supporting the women within the industry already and supporting Natilik to create a destination employer for women. I love the tech industry and I think the more diversity we can see within it the better.