Hayley Knott

I have grown up in a very tech-aware household with my Dad working in Telecomms since before I can remember.

When I was small and asked, ‘what does your dad do?’ I would always answer ‘He sells telephones’ I am sure this would have mortified him, for as I grew up I realise how broad and wide the Telecomms and tech industry was and that ‘selling telephones’ was not what my Dad did at all.

The whole industry fascinated me and I viewed it as a magical world of dark arts and wizardry.

It took me a while to get into the industry after university but found my way in first through a reseller of contact centre technology, then moving to a manufacturer through acquisition and then back to the partner world at Natilik, where I am today.

Through Natilik I have been able to expand my knowledge and understanding of different areas of technology and how everything interconnects like Software-defined networks, to advance threat security, cognitive collaboration and AI to omnichannel environments in contact centres. My whole world exploded and my work soon became my passion and in turn my passion my work. I have really enjoyed being part of, and seeing the journey of how DevOps and its application in automating business, are transforming the tech landscape and a community of developers are emerging as the new buying power. I have found supporting the set up of an in house DevOps practice extremely rewarding, getting to work with some brilliant minds and advancing Natiliks position as a Next Generation Partner to our clients. In the tech industry, you are constantly learning and pushing yourself and it is that constant challenge that has made me fall in love with this world, what drives me to enthuse those around me and why I feel that Marketing for such an exciting industry is where I always want to be.