Helen Cullis is an inspiring Data Governance professional with over 10 years’ experience who has worked in data, in one guise or another, for her whole career. Her grounding in data management was through clinical trials and medical research projects and she has more recently worked in higher education and financial services. She is currently the Data Governance Manager at Funding Circle.

Helen has built an incredible career around her passion for data, and her passion for getting others excited and enthused about data. Her ability to inspire, engage and influence people, especially those not in data or tech roles, is exceptional. Written and verbal presentation of complex ideas to non-technical audiences is a particular strength of hers.

Her incandescent spirit allows her to build strong relationships at all levels. She excels at networking with internal and external colleagues to the benefit of herself, her network and her employer. She is regularly invited to participate in panels and podcasts, and to lead round tables.

She welcomes challenge from others, and regularly seeks and gives feedback. She is collaborative in her approach to work, frequently obtaining input from colleagues from a variety of functions in order to gather different perspectives.

Her early career roles within clinical trials and medical research gave her an incredible foundation in data management. It gave her the knowledge of what the gold standard looks like, where an error in the data could have life or death implications for patients. She utilises this to great effect by combining it with her innate adaptability and practicality. Allowing her to add incredible value to the organisations she works for by creating Data Governance Frameworks that fit the needs of the individual company and make efficient use of resources.

From medical research she moved into the higher education sector and fell in love with Data Governance, a speciality that truly is her métier. Nearly 5 years ago she moved into financial services and adores working with all the passionate, talented and dedicated people in the sector. In every role she identifies where data governance could help manage her employer’s data more effectively, demonstrating strategic level thinking on complex issues and the ability to see the bigger picture. Embedding Data Governance within an organisation is a long process, and requires passion, innovation, and resilience – all of which Helen excels at.

Not content with enabling the release of incredible value from Funding Circle’s data, she is involved in the Funding Circle’s Impact and Women in FC Circler Groups. Through the former she promotes philanthropy, volunteering and environmental issues and through the latter champions female representation in Tech and Data.