Helen Needham

Helen works as management consultant in the Data Practice at Capco, helping clients in financial services manage and govern their data in order to improve data quality, reduce costs, streamline processes and gain new insights.

Helen is also the founder of Me.Decoded, a website dedicated to the promotion of neurodiversity, and the founder of the Employee Neurodiversity Network at Capco.

As the lead of the Neurodiversity network, Helen is building an integrated culture that enables inclusion and support of ND individuals and carers of ND children/ adults. A change she hopes to bring to other organisations, in partnership with Capco and through Me.Decoded.  Her speeches include TEDx Square Mile, House of Commons, and Women’s Forum Global meeting.

Working in data management, Helen is interested in finding ways in which organisations can develop visual representations of their operating model and control frameworks, by bringing together disparate information that resides in siloed documents, databases and applications in order to derive new insights, improve operational efficiency / data quality and inform organisation decision making.