Hena Patel

On completion of an MSc in Information Systems from Brunel University, I began my career at BNY Mellon’s Pershing EMEA, 13 years ago. Over this period, I have progressed up through the hierarchy to Vice President and I am currently focused on progression to the next level as a Group Manager.

My first role as a graduate was of a Software Configuration build engineer for the test regions. The team consisted of myself alone, and the role was challenging with the majority of the development team having little faith in a new graduate, to be able to take on the role. Thirteen years on I am now responsible for Pershing EMEA’s Software Configuration Management (SCM) team of nine engineers, promoting 1000 + releases across five change environments including Production.

When the opportunity arrived to form an SCM team, it bought with it many challenges, namely managing individuals who were older and longer serving employees, as well as setting up a team extension in India, where the associates initially struggled to accept me, a female, as their manager.

After overcoming these initial challenges and with the support of the team, we have been able to deliver significant change and enhancement to the SCM process, supporting business growth without an increase in resource cost (detailed in achievement section).
Seeking new challenges, over the last couple of years I have taken on a broader role within the technology group, with new management responsibilities for:

  • Release Management team – which requires growth and establishment of a formal release management function
  • Database Administration – overall management of the team and function as well as mentoring two new team leads
  • Technology Pre Sales – Representing and providing technology responses for all Pershing EMEA pre-sale opportunities
  • Acting as Interim Head of Service Management – while recruitment was on going for a permanent resource.