I started my career in technology after studying MEng Electronic Engineering at the University of York. My favourite subjects and projects all had programming in common so I knew that programming and technology was an area I wanted to start my career in. I then applied for the technology graduate scheme at PwC during the COVID pandemic in my final year of university. After securing my place on the graduate scheme, I started working as a Data Scientist/Developer in an team called Advanced Analytics in PwC, creating custom analysis leveraging advanced analytics, as well as developing custom visualisations for the firm to use that go beyond what you can build in Excel or Power BI. I then transferred into a team called Data Design Enablement to work as a Data Analyst and this role included assisting the firm with applying good data design within their teams and helping them to remediate data issues. I have built out a data profiling tool within Python to allow teams to self service their data profiles in order to understand their data before they do anything with it. More recently, I am now leading a small sub team which focuses on Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning and best practices that surround these areas, including building automated processes for people to make their own predictions, as well as building custom analysis for teams that require it.

I am part of the committee for our internal PwC Her Tech Talent team where I assist in running events to spread the word for equality for women in tech. This is an area that I am very passionate about and I am an active member in hosting and running events for women in tech. This includes hosting a Spotlight Series where I interview female members of the leadership teams throughout the firm in technology to understand their careers and the journey’s they have taken to get to where they are today. We aim to ensure we can represent women of all backgrounds to make sure we can show women that they have role models they can look up to.